KO Propo – EX-I UR 4ch


Special performance of EXI-UR

  •  Super-high-speed new design CPU
  •  Model memory that registration of 30 worth is possible
  •  Response mode(Normality?Super-?Advanced?Ultra)
  •  Super-module to boast of super-stability performance
  •  It is small diameter steering wheel & decrease corner spacer and a quick operation feeling * new material trigger corresponding to the favor.
  •  Quick reaction that realizes high speed further in each response mode
  •  Monitor function that amount of steering wheel & throttle operation can be
  • confirmed on liquid crystal screen
  •  3ch/4ch setting

Various functions

Steering wheel relation
– Steering wheel monitor * steering wheel trim * steering wheel travel * steering wheel balance * Stearingsabtorim * steering wheel trim rate * steering wheel reverse * steering wheel punch * steering wheel curve * steering wheel quick reaction * steering wheel speed

Throttle relation
– Throttle monitor * throttle trim * High Point * brake * Srottolsabtorim * throttle trim rate * throttle reverse * throttle punch * throttle curve * throttle quick reaction * throttle speed * throttle idol improvement * ABS * Srottolacseration * auto start

3ch setting
– Setting of 3ch monitor *3ch

4ch setting
– Setting of 4ch monitor *4ch

Other functions
– Down of channel selection * response * setup * stopwatch * timer * adjustment volume * contrast * backlight * buzzer * key repeat * reset * model copy * model name * model selection


Real-time feeling by new design CPU

Everything is achieved and the speed of the unprecedented processing performance is achieved by the new design and CP U newly constructed. ..Sharp of operation response that can be put.. besides, the one of the example that not is. the actuality and drivingIt is wonderful that can be exactly called a unexperience zone.


Quick reaction setting in each response mode

In each response mode of normality, super, and the advance and the ultra, it equips it with a quick reaction that improves the response of steering wheel & throttle in addition. A no stage by the numerical value was able to be set, and the setting ability to respond even to the area of quantitatively and driver’s sensibilities was acquired. – The receiver and the servo of each mode that can be used are different. Please see “Table for the response mode” on page 16 in detail.


…EX-1 form.. ripening of results

The form of the tradition of Hoirar & trigger EX-I that on earth makes the expression on the market in advance of the world is followed. The design devoted light, compactly, and simply offers the environment that can be concentrated driving without hesitate. It takes an active part from Sprint to endurance almighty by a center of gravity setting of exquisiteness without the possession weight and clever arrangement of the rotation axis. Of course, contents persist in a suitable ripening and reformation for a new age.


The optimization of the material and operativeness is executed.

A reinforced resin is adopted in the trigger. Durability has improved greatly. Moreover, the tension of the wheel and the trigger is optimized to the race youth. The wheel assumes a small diameter, persists in the Hecac adaptor in addition, and it persists in consideration that can variously use the height of the response only of this machine as the attachment etc.Moreover, it is a new design as for a set menu. Each setting can be quickly done without a complex operation.


A super-module is adopted.

The knowhow only of KO accumulated by the race experience over many years full is turned on to a basic performance. A strong selection performance etc. are achieved in the power saving and a steady electric wave sending performance and turbulence. Especially, “Super-module” is newly developed to the transmitter module. The unprecedented stability is demonstrated. The unprecedented safety is offered under the environment in a severe race field.


The GP car is supported by improving the reputation the idol.

When the ET lever or the BT button is operated, it is a preset in an arbitrary position as for the throttle servo. The application connected directly with the improvement of the time such as traction use, full auto brakes, and the engine cutting when starting is possible. The effect is demonstrated for the EP car in the one action making about the backing operation.


2WAY and throttle of being able to select 3WAY

The area where the preset of the operation characteristic of the throttle can be done can be set by division into two/division into three. It divides in from a full throttle to a free trigger, and various settings are possible in each area. An excellent running in the driveability or more can be drawn out, and the time improvement is supported strongly.

Source : KO Propo

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