KO Propo – VFS-1 PRO C3 2008


  •  Maximum current/3120A at moment(FET spec)
  •  Continuous, maximum current/780A(FET spec)
  •  Drive frequency/custom setting pre-install
  •  Input voltage/4. 8~8.4V
  •  Size/28. 0×25. 0×14.4mm
  •  Weight/18.8g(Only the main body :. )
  •  With Altimatobustar
  •  Altimatocondensar 35V applying
  •  It is a setting to which the protector on the character of the product and the limitation such as limiters do not hang easily. It is when repairing at a part of damage becomes impossible. Please buy it after it acknowledges it beforehand.
  •  7.2 It is necessary to process it for the use of V servo.
  •  12G Because A silicon wire is attached as non-connect wires, the low resistance connection by “Stelssoldar” use of our company is recommended.

Source : KO Propo

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