Kyosho – Mini Z Formula Car – Ferrari 248 F1



Enjoy the thrill of battle with Palmtop Formula Car Racers.

The Mini-Z Formula Car offers performance it a presence that bedlies its size. Use real driving techniques to maximise its race winning potential. A sophisticated high-density chassis puts the Mini-Z Formula Car in a class of its own. Run your own Formula Car series races with up to 6 cars racing at the same time! Delivered fully factory-assembled for fast fun. Quality engineered to meet the exclusive formal licensing standards of the world’s leading race teams.

Available in Jan 2008

  • Ferrari 248F1 No.5 (M. Schumacher)
  • Ferrari 248F1 No.6 (F. Massa)


Now equipped with the highperformance X-Speed Mini-Z Motor V, previously available as an optional upgrade. High speed and torque produce the sharp acceleration for heart thumping high speed racing.

Even more power and performance!

The low center of gravity Formula chassis is boosted with the addition of the RA-4B FET motor control amp. One-piece unit including receiver and high-power amp delivers sharp pick up and higher maximum speed.


Front Suspension
Enlarged suspension system using king pins and coil springs for sharp but consistent control characteristics.


Rear Suspension
External coil spring and twin-arm swinging system delivers excellent suspension tracking. Consistent traction allows aggressive driving.


Optional Pinion Gears
4 different sizes of pinion gears are included with each set. Choose the right pinion gear to suit your track conditions .
Differential Gear
Bevel-type differential gear gives the stability needed for fast cornering.


Precision Integrated Steering Servo Design
Newly developed servo demonstrates fine handling response and easy disassembly and maintenance. Body structure is integrated for mid-chassis centering and allows for higher levels of control and response.
Servo Saver
Compact size servo saver provides indispensable servo protection from unexpected knocks and crashes.


FET Speed Controller with Brake Function
Smooth acceleration and deceleration with minimal power loss from the motor. The addition of a brake function allows controlled braking with a simple push of the trigger. Reverse function is also available.
Narrow Band Receiver
Narrow AM27 MHz band width allows up to 6 F-1 cars to battle it out in one race at the same time.


Finest level of detail achieved: even the graphics on the driver’s helmets are complete *Reproduction of every detail: wing, underside of the body, and aerodynamic areas *No compromise was made, despite its size!

Source : Kyosho

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