Kyosho – Mini Z MR-02MM – Ferrari FXX


1/27 R/C EP TOURING CAR MINI-Z Racer MR-02 MM (Loaded with RA-4B FET)

The new Mini-Z sets a new benchmark in performance and scale form!

With the motor mounted in front of the rear axle, this “mid-ship mount” chassis excels in producing lower and wider body styles in amazing scale detail. With the weight of the motor towards the center of the chassis layout, greater control of the mass moment is achieved to produce improved lightness and agility.

Available in Jan 2008 in Red & Yellow color


  • The 98mm LL-size long wheelbase replicates real-car like dimensions. (only for the Enzo Ferrari)
  • The MM type chassis allows the Diablo to be true to its original form.
  • Minimizes rear overhang and allows further concentration of mass.
  • ReadySet includes radio system too!

Source : Kyosho


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