Team Associated – RC8 Factory Team Service Pack


The RC8 Service Pack is available free of charge to our customers who purchased an RC8 Factory Team vehicle, part number 80900.

The RC8 Service Pack includes the following hardware and upgraded parts:

1 – Arm Mount A
1 – Arm Mount B
1 – Arm Mount C
1 – Arm Mount D
1 – Top Plate
4 – Button Head Capture Screws
4 – Flat Head Counter Sunk Screws
1 – Front Lower L/R Arms (pair)
1 – Front Upper L/R Arms (pair)
4 – Washers For The Capture Screws
2 – 45mm Socket Head Capture Screws (For D Plate To


Click here for instructions on how to obtain your copy of the RC8 Service Pack.

Source : Team Associated

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