Robitronic – Scalpel CNC Aluminum Option Parts

Robitronic has released these hot new red-anodized, machined-aluminum upgrades for the Scalpel. Shown here are the 4-degree A-arm set, steering knuckle set, bumper plate, universal servo mount set, antenna mount, rear wheel adaptor (left), and right side diff plate. A titanium axle is also available to reduce rotating mass. Install these upgrades and you’ll have the sharpest (pun intended) Scalpel at the track.

  • A-Arm set 4-degree – Item no. RA2082; $41
  • Steering knuckle set – RA2085; $45
  • Antenna mount – RA2099; $25
  • Universal servo mount – RA2086; $32
  • Bumper plate – RA2083; $21
  • Diff right side – RA2102; $15
  • Rear wheel adapter set (left) – RA2084; $10
  • Titanium rear axle – RA2087; $25

Source : Robitronic & RC Car Action

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