3Racing – New Version of TA05 Graphite Conversion Kit


TA05-IFS is catalyse for us to release the new version of TA05 Graphite Conversion Kit. We have designed two competitive conversion kits: #TA05-09/V2/WO and #TA05-IF22/WO.


#TA05-09/V2/WO is compatible with TA05 and TA05-R. On the other hand, #TA05-IF22/WO is suitable for TA05-IFS.


To make the steering more sensitive, we use 112 mm width main chassis as base and redesign the motor mount. So that the batteries can located as near as the centre line. It eliminates the oscillation when the car is turning to provide the best performance. New motor mount is made of high-quality alloy, attractive light-blue anodized, precision CNC machinery with excellent light-weight cutting. The heat sink pattern dissipates heat problem to make the car more stable.
In addition, these conversion kits are suitable for 4, 5 and 6 cells batteries. Individual servo mount can let you easy to assembly.
Main Chassis
Upper Deck
Motor Mount w/ Center Shaft
Servo Mount

For the #TA05-IF22/WO, extra upper damper plate is also included. It reinforces the front part strength and the response of front damper.
Replacement kit of #TA05-IF22/WO also released.


Source : 3Racing

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