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The year 2007 is over and during the Xmas holidays I finally had time to rest a bit and as is common, everybody at the end of the year summarizes their professional and personal life and sets new challenges and goals for the coming new year. The racing season is over and the office and factory were closed for the Xmas holidays, so it gave me the opportunity to take a bit of time to summarise the 2007 year as well.

How was it?

A few words come to mind: exciting, demanding, thrilling, enjoyable.

2007 was one of our most demanding years, as within a very short period of time we worked very hard to release many new cars; some were the new seasons’ models, but some were brand new. Looking back on our extensive list, I am very proud that XRAY has released the following this year:

NT1: all new 1/10 nitro touring car

T2’008: all new 1/10 electric touring car

XT8: all new 1/8 truggy

XB8EC: new version of the 1/8 buggy

M18T/MT RTR kits: RTR versions of 1/18 micro truck & monster truck

M18T PRO: PRO version of the 1/18 micro truck

With so many new projects released in 2007, you can only imagine the immense amount of work and duties behind not only design & development and testing, but also the vast amount of work for production, assembly, and packaging. The year 2007 was very demanding but also very successful at the same time. After so much effort and energy was expended, I am very satisfied with and proud of all the work done and the great results and feedback from customers.

The biggest workload was of course related to the installation of new high-capacity production machinery and several brand-new technologies; this consumed a large chunk of time and attention from the production staff, but all the effort will be quickly returned within a short time once we start to benefit from the new technologies. With the latest technologies installed, we are raising production capacity and flexibility to all new level and any shortages that may have been present in the past will be significantly minimized.

The 2007 racing season was very demanding with plenty of big, important races. It was even more demanding as we have for the first time introduced the Nitro Touring NT1 and built up our racing team mostly from our electric touring team. While of course I hoped for good results from the team that consisted of very talented and skilled drivers, reality was much much better than my expectations! We had a great debut at the Winternationals, showed a strong performance at the Euros by taking the TQ and achieving the Vice-Championship title, then confirmed the highest performance and team strength at the US Championship by winning the US National Title during the very first year!

The electric touring car continued its previous great results and dominance in high-competition races all around the world at every level of racing, from local club racing through to National racing series, up to the US and European Championships. The list of titles which the T2 platform claimed in 2007 is just too long to list, so besides the many dozen national and international titles the most noteworthy achievements were the US outdoor and indoor national titles (which added to the already extensive list of US national titles, making the total of 16 USA ROAR National titles), followed by the win of the Snowbirds Nationals, International Indoor Championship, US Touring Championship and the US Cleveland Carpet Championship, followed by TQ and European Vice-Champion as well as European Junior Champion. The full list would go on and on and on.

With back-to-back US national titles in 1/18 micro car categories, as well as claiming multiple national titles in the 1/8 off-road or truggy category, these just add more great results and victories to the extensive list, proving that XRAY products are not only state-of-the-art in quality but are also representing our motto: The art of performance.

With 2007 now over it is time to set new challenges and new visions for 2008 and my head is full of new ideas, innovations, visions and plans. There are many all-new products on schedule and 2008 will for sure be at least as exciting as the 2007. I cannot wait for all of the great new stuff and all the upcoming races. We have 3 World Championships on schedule in 2008 so for sure we will be busy and for sure our team will once again do the very maximum efforts to achieve the very best results possible. And I will be with our support team at all the important races to support all the XRAY drivers and customers.

I am very happy with and proud of all the great results, achievements, awards and of course all the positive feedback from the customers around the world we have gained during the 2007. All of these great successes could not be achieved without the very hard and dedicated work of all the great people around me, and as such I would like to thank all the great people for their excellent work, for the fantastic effort everybody puts into their work. I would like to thank the management and support team, all the great people in R&D and of course everybody in production, assembly, and packaging. A huge “Thanks” goes out to our distributors who ensure that you can purchase the products and enjoy the XRAY ride, and also to all the shops that provide support and service for all our products. Another big “Thanks” of course goes to all our team drivers around the world who not only demonstrate the highest performance of all our products, but especially provide support to all XRAY fans at races and even local practices. Thanks to all supporters of the RC hobby for the promoting that allows enthusiasts to enjoy this hobby, this includes clubs, tracks, organizers and of course the media and press. And lastly but not least I want to thank all of our fans, supporters, and customers, such an exciting and successful 2007 could not have been achieved without all of you and I wish everybody the very best in 2008. Enjoy the XRAY ride.

Enjoy the ride and ‘til next time…

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy
Chief Designer XRAY

Source : XRAY

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