Hagberg win Swedish Christmas Race


The annual Swedish Christmas Race was held again at the Borĺs track in western Sweden. The facility is quite nice with a big, open layout. Approximately 60 drivers attended this race which was run with the special Reedy Race format, which used counted the 4 best rounds out of 6, thus making it a very close and interesting race for all drivers.


The race started early Saturday morning with a round of practice and then going directly into the race. I was running the production version of the T2’008 car for the first time and it was handling very well from the first practice, being really easy to drive on the low-traction surface. As the traction increased throughout the day I made few setup changes to the car to compensate; for example, I removed the post in the top deck to get a bit more steering, and I also put the roll-centers in the high position and used 1 mm shims on the caster block and rear hub. This gave the car a bit more roll, which made it even faster.


Racing was very fun as all drivers had to race against each other. I knew from the start that I just had to take it easy, so I just tried to stay out of trouble and drive as fast as possible. I won every round without problem, with a big gap to 2nd place. Top Swedish racers like Joel Myrberg and Niclas Nilsson both had problems with consistency as well as mechanical failures. In the end my car was super-fast and easy to drive, with my fastest round being 4sec faster than any other driver throughout day.


I won the race with the maximum 32 points ahead of Serpent racer Tommy Bergfeldt and young talent Christopher Södergren from Gothenburg who got 3rd with some consistent wins.

The results as follows:

1. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY T2’008
2. Tommy Bergfeldt
3. Christoffer Södergren

Regards Alexander Hagberg
Team XRAY Sweden

Alexander Hagberg Set-up sheet.

Source : XRAY

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