MaxAmps – Lipo 6000mah 2S3P 7.4V Saddle Pack


  •   Ultimate upgrade for new Associated B44.
  •   6000mah Capacity
  •   7.4 Volts
  •   45mm X 69mm X 30mm on each side
  •   Maximum Continuous Discharge 90 amps
  •   349 grams
  •   Comes with Apache/Hyperion taps
  •   Highest performance in the industry
  •   Twice the capacity of NiMH for the same weight
  •   Plug and Play for any charger/balancer/vehicle
  •   We add the connectors and balancing taps for you
  •   Money Back Guarantee
  •   Normally ships within 24-48 hours
  •   Exceeds safety standards of the IATA
  •   Factory Fresh Cells within 3 weeks
  •   Can be recharged unlimited times per day

This pack is the ultimate upgrade for any vehicle that takes a 6 cell saddle pack of Sub C NIMH cells. This pack will fit perfectly in the new Team Associated B44 with no modification required.

Source : MaxAmps

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