HPI – Aluminum Threaded Shock Set for Firestorm


Gear up your Firestorm for racing action with a set of aluminum shocks! These tough, precision-machined anodized aluminum shocks are the perfect addition to any Firestorm that’s headed out for competition! Featuring threaded aluminum shock bodies and brightly colored aluminum shock caps top and bottom, you never have to worry about damage to your shocks. With aluminum preload collars you get fast and easy ride height adjustment.

Your Firestorm will look great – and it’ll be easier to set up for fast lap times and blistering performance!

Sold in pairs for the front and rear:

#87251 ALUMINIUM THREADED SHOCK SET (67-87mm/2pcs)
#87252 ALUMINIUM THREADED SHOCK SET (70-103mm/2pcs)


Source : HPI

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