Kyosho – V-ONE SIII Evo. apr MR-S


Available in Jan 30, 2008.

Proven chassis acquires increased durability and easy maintenance.
Features new Touch Starter for stress-free engine starting!

The V-ONE SIII that received fanatical support from both beginner and expert racers evolved even further ahead with the Evo. While keeping the driver-friendless of the belt-driven 4WD, it provided the ideal machine for a driver’s first race to the podium. By challenging the existing standards for a low C of G, the low and wide stance worked with the World Champion V-ONE RRR’s suspension and combined with a 2-speed automatic transmission as standard and the user-friendly GXR15 engine, an amazing racing machine has evolved. The new Touch Starter means you simply push the battery unit onto the chassis and a cell motor cranks the engine to start. The engine is also fitted with a line to the glow plug and an LED that indicates the condition of the glow plug. Use the Touch Starter for the ultimate in trouble-free engine starting and the Evo is ready for real racing action.

Evo. Version Features

  • Features maintenance-friendly improvements such as new type chassis shape that allows easy replacement of spur gear.
  • Long front swing shafts eliminate possibility of shafts dropping out.
  • Adoption of hardened main shaft dramatically reduces chances of gear loss.
  • Change in throttle linkage lever angle results in more linear control feel.
  • Servo horn has been strengthen with thicker serration.
  • More fix points on the radio box allowing easier maintenance and increased durability.
  • Features oil shocks with dial adjustable springs.
  • New lightweight compact design Touch Starter unit features new glow plug condition indicating LED.

Simply touch to start!


  • Lightweight compact design for easy starting. Chassis mounted starter unit is more space efficient and lighter than previous model.
  • To start the engine, simply connect the battery unit to the contact point on the chassis.
  • When the battery unit is connected, the cell motor automatically cranks the engine and the glow plug is heated.
  • An LED on the chassis mounted unit indicates the condition of the glow plug. Safe and reliable engine starting.

Chassis Technical Data

  • Length 440mm
  • Width 200mm
  • Height 115mm
  • Ground Clearance 8mm
  • Wheelbase 260mm
  • Tread (F/R) 176mm
  • Tire(F/R) Φ 64×24mm
  • Gear Ratio 8.13 / 5.6:1
  • Weight 1,925g (approx.)

Source : Kyosho

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