Reedy – 1600 Series Micro Pack and Receiver Pack


Reedy 1600 Series 7.2V 4×2 Micro Pack
Reedy 1600 Series 7.2V Flat Micro Pack

Reedy’s 1600 Series Micro Battery Packs feature high capacity for extended run times while producing maximum power for the latest high performance motors and servos. High output cells, low resistance welded connections, and quality silicone insulated wires prove reliable in even the most adverse conditions.

1600 Series micro packs are available in two configurations with micro connectors for installation in a wide variety of vehicles. With 7.2 volts on hand, high speeds and wicked torque propel your 1:18 scale vehicle to speeds that would make 1:10 scale cars jealous!

Enthusiasts of all skill levels will appreciate the combination of performance, quality, value, and reliability that Reedy’s 1600 series micro battery packs bring to the track.


Reedy 1600 Series 6.0V Hump Receiver Pack
Reedy 1600 Series 6.0V Flat Receiver Pack

Source : Team Associated

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