Spektrum – LiPo Receiver Pack


LiPo Receiver Pack 6000mAh

Key Features

  • Perfect for giant-scale aircraft and model jets that use multiple high-current servos
  • Easy-to-use EC3 connector works directly with the AR9100 9-channel receiver and the VR6010 High-Current Voltage Regulator
  • The next generation in aircraft power systems


  • Type:LiPo
  • Capacity:6000mAh
  • Voltage:7.4V
  • Connector Type:8″ EC3 for discharge, 6″ JR connector and balance connector for charging
  • Wire Gauge:16AWG
  • Number of Cells:2 series
  • Weight:8.6 oz / 243g
  • Dimensions (WxLxH):2.0×2.7×1.5(in) 49x69x37(mm)
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge :12C
  • Maximum Burst Discharge :18C
  • Maximum Continuous Current :48A

LiPo Receiver Pack 4000mAh


LiPo Receiver Pack 2000mAh


LiPo Receiver Pack 1350mAh

Source : Horizon Hobby

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