Sperktrum – Voltage Regulator 10A 6V


Voltage Regulator 10A, 6V

Key Features

  •  Brings higher voltage packs within the operating limits of most servos
  •  Delivers a steady 6 volts ensuring consistent performance throughout the discharge cycle of the battery
  •  Includes a fail-on switch and 16-gauge heavy duty input and output wires with EC3 connectors
  •  Drop in addition for the AR9100
  •  Cooling fan provides additional current handling capability
  •  Convenient mounting lugs



The VR6010 is designed for high-current draw applications, such as giant-scale airplanes with multiple high-current draw servos. Spektrum’s model VR6010 6 volt 10 amp regulator allows the use of 2-cell LiPo or 5 to 8-cell NiCd and NiMh receiver packs to be used to power your onboard radio system. A single VR6010 regulator provides 10 amps continuous current (16 amp peaks) making it ideal for most high-current draw applications. For heavy duty applications two VR6010’s can be used to provide 20 amps continuous and up to 32 amps peak power. The VR6010 is ideal for use with Spektrum’s AR9100 series PowerSafe receiver and comes pre-wired with EC3 connectors.


  • Type: 10 amp linear voltage regulator
  • Voltage input: 6 to 10 volts (5 to 8 cell NiCd/ NiMh or 2-cell LiPo)
  • Output voltage: 6.0 volts
  • Continuous current: 10 amps
  • Peak current: 16 amps
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 40x30x30 mm 1.57×1.18.x1.18 in. (less mounting tabs)
  • Weight: 50 grams/ 1.8oz

Source : Horizon Hobby

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