Groskamp overnight TQ at DHI Cup 2008


Jilles Groskamp has made the perfect start to his new tenure at Tamiya by setting the quickest time in round 1 of the 2008 DHI Cup, giving him maximum points for the round with 3 of the 5 to count. Heading into Heat 21, the final heat of the round, it was Hot Bodies racer Andy Moore that had taken the TQ spot over from Shin Adachi, who had only taken the spot in the previous heat. Heat 12 saw a gaggle of quick cars, all on TQ pace which included Juho Levanen, Teemu Leino and of course Groskamp. In the final moments Jilles managed to get his head down and put in the laps needed to take the top spot and was aided by a slowing Levanen, run time being a struggle for a lot of the competitors.

Top 10 Modified Qualifying Positions
After Round 1 of 5

1. Jilles Groskamp (Netherlands) – 19L 315.23
2. Teemu Leino (Finland) – 19L 316.27
3. Viktor Wilck (Sweden) – 19L 316.28
4. Andy Moore (England) – 19L 316.48
5. Juho Levanen (Finland) – 19L 318.38
6. Steen Graversen (Denmark) – 18L 300.95
7. Ronald Volker (Germany) – 18L 301.43
8. Shin Adachi (Japan) – 18L 302.09
9. Marc Rheinard (Germany) – 18L 303.49
10. Alexander Hagberg (Sweden) – 18L 303.79

Christoph Thiele overnight Stock TQ


The first round of Stock (19T) qualifying is over and it was German Xray racer Christoph Thiele that set the pace, posting the only 17 lap run in this class. Earlier in the round it was Oliver Nathe that had set down a great time in a very early heat which was only beaten in the last 2 heats in which Thiele set his time. Talking to the young German racer he had the following to say: ‘I am very pleased to end the opening day fastest. My car was good and I hope will be able to hold onto my position tomorrow. There is more time to come from the track so tomorrow I’m sure more drivers will break into the 17 laps.’

Second quickest heading in to the overnight break is UK racer Luke Hobson, who had carried his quick pace across from the practice runs to end up only 1 second behind the pole man. Sharing the same second in 3rd spot and only 7 tenths back is local Corally racer Rasmus T Callesen.

Top 5 in Stock (19T) after 1 round of 5
1. Christoph Thiele (Germany) – 17L 318.18
2. Luke Hobson (England) – 16L 301.11
3. Rasmus T. Callesen (Denmark) – 16L 301.84
4. Bastian Hennig (Germany) – 16L 303.26
5. Florian Ring (Germany) – 16L 303.41
6. Dennis Hassing (Denmark) – 16L 307.02
7. Oliver Nathe (Germany) – 16L 307.74
8. Tommy Bergfeldt (Sweden) – 16L 308.96
9. Palle Hornum (Denmark) – 16L 309.27
10.Goran Langsholt (Norway) – 16L 309.71


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