Hudy – Chem Series of Lubricants


Hudy just announced a new line of lubricants dubbed the, Chem Series, which includes graphite grease, diff grease, and bearing oil.

Here are the claims from Hudy about their new Chem Series.

Graphite Grease: The HUDY Graphite Grease comes in a handy small tube and is easy to apply.

• Special formulation provides outstanding load-carrying and anti-wear properties
• Superior protection against wear, resulting in reduced gear replacement costs and increased part life
• Efficient operation, good low temperature start-up and reduced energy consumption
• Very good protection against rust and corrosion
• Very good adhesion reduces fling-off and consumption Applications:
• Drive shaft couplings, pins, and blades

Diff gears Diff Grease: HUDY Diff Grease comes in a handy small tube and is easy to apply.


• Excellent resistance to thermal, oxidative and structural degradation
• Extended grease life and improved bearing protection
• Excellent resistance to water wash-out and spray-off
• Assures proper lubrication and protection in wet environments • Excellent rust and corrosion resistance
• Very good anti-wear properties

Bearing oil: High-quality HUDY Bearing Oil is used to lubricate bearings for ultra-smooth operation and long lifespan. Very good for use on dusty tracks and carpet tracks because it helps combat the effects of dust and carpet hair contamination. Super thin to help promote quick penetration and fast & easy coverage. Recommended for use immediately after bearing cleaning (e.g. with spray cleaner).

Source : RC Car Action

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