Tamiya Japan – 2008 Feb New Products


TamTech-Gear 1/12 Lamborghini Countach LP500S

Available Mar 1, 2008

  • The male of the super car, Lamborghini LP500S appears in TamTech-Gear.
  • Reality reproducing the over fender and the forum of the force which equips the rear wing fully with polycarbonate.
  • As for chassis GT-01 of rear wheel drive. Full bearing specification, fully loading high functional part such as ball diff., and the slipper – clutch it can enjoy the light running.


Neo FALCON 1/10

Available in Feb 23, 2008

  • Neo Falcon of mini- four running PRO became RC.
  • As for the sharp forum where the edge is effective even with RC the charm sufficient.
  • As for chassis DT-02 of rear wheel drive. As for 4 wheel double wishbone suspension of oil damper equipment, using the screw shaft for the upper arm.
  • As for drive shaft and joint cup with metal make durability sufficient. Full bearing specification.


Fire Dragon 2008

Available on Mar 1, 2008

  • The RC buggy which is modelled in 1989 the protagonist of the cartoon ï½¢ radi-con boy ï½£, as a machine of car hardness, the fire dragon is reissue.
  • Being lightweight, in the bathtub frame whose strength is high, equipping 4 wheel double wishbone suspension of the CVA damper attachment.
  • Adopting the shaft drive 4WD whose, reliability is high it can enjoy light off load travelling.


Nismo Coppermix Silvia Drift Spec (TB-02 Chassis)

Available Feb 23, 2008

  • The body of the Nismo COPPERMIX sill beer whose popularity is high with the lively marking and the TB-02 chassis of vertical ranging motor & shaft drive 4WD were combined.
  • The super drift tire which can enjoy thrilling drift travelling easily standard equipment.
  • As for body real polycarbonate make. Approximately light/write illumination raises the interest of running more.


XB Plasma Edge

Available Feb 23, 2008

  • It can enjoy light off load travelling with the vertical ranging motor & shaft drive 4WD chassis.
  • Loading back travelling possible ESC and TEU-101BK.
  • The ball bearing 8 item packaging preparations was done around the gear.

Other New Items :

  • M Chassis High Grade Aluminum Damper (4)
  • Plating Mesh Wheel – Glue being Completed
    2 Super Drift Tires (24mm width offset +2)
  • Plating 10 Spoke wheel – glue being completed
    2 Super Drift Tires (24mmwidth offset 0)
  • RayBrick NSX 2007 Spare Body Set
  • Mini Cooper S 2006 Wheel Set
  • Mini Cooper S 2006 Spare Body Set
  • GT-01 – 5 Hole Wheel (Front)
  • GT-01 – 5 Hole Wheel (Rear)

Source : Tamiya

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