DHI Cup 2008 – Jimmy Maddison Win Stock Class


In the stock class it was Jimmy Maddison that won again in round 3 stamping his authority on the Stock class at this years event. Winning the final round by less than a second he had a bigger gap but a small mistake caused him to drop back but he was able to compose himself and take the win from Meik Niemann and Christoph Thiele. Jimmy was understanably delighted with his performance stating “The car was fanatastic. I really wanted to win this one and while it might have looked easy believe me it was hard work.”

A Main Final Standings
(best 2 of 3 Results to count)

  1. Jimmy Maddison – 20pts
  2. Meik Niemann – 17pts
  3. Christoph Thiele – 16pts
  4. Tommy Bergfeldt – 14pts
  5. Bastian Hennig – 14 pts
  6. Dennis Fadtke – 13 pts
  7. Florian Ring – 12 pts
  8. Marc Assmann – 7 pts
  9. Marcus Horn – 6 pts
  10. Luke Hobson – 2 pts

Source : Redrc.net

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