Team Corally – New RDX Phi Option Parts

RDX Phi – Narrow Steering Blocks, Duraluminium – with Ball Bearing 3x6mm


These all new 7075 Duraluminium 2 mm Narrow Steering Blocks for RDX Phi, now available as option parts, provide more in–line steering action which gives more steering and direct response for faster cornering. These are available including the impact resistant 3 x 6 mm bushings (#79278A) or including precise 3 x 6 mm ball bearings.

RDX Phi – Narrow Steering Blocks, Duraluminium – with bushing 3x6mm


RDX Phi – Shock Spring Collars


These all new RDX Phi Ultra Low Lightweight Duraluminium Shock Spring Collars can be used as a replacement for the Standard Moulded Shock Spring Collars to allow Ultra Low Settings for high speed cornering.

RDX Phi – Derlin Spool 36T


RDX Phi magic Part VII: More Tuning up with the new RDX Phi Delrin Spool 36T – #79157:
The all new RDX Phi Smooth Lightweight Delrin Spool is now also available in 36T next to the existing 42T version. These two spool sizes are the next step in RDX Phi magic offering different drive ratios for ultimate track tune-ability.

Source : Team Corally

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