Closeup On The Latest Kyosho TF-5 Edition


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Since last year there’s been various editions of the TF-5 Stallion Shin Edition in action around the globe. Steen Graversen has driven his version with success at the Speedweekend, the Swedish Friendship Race and the Prague EFRA Grand Prix throughout 2007, while Adachi has been active on the Asian scene. As 2008 will bring the World Championships to Thailand manufacturers are most likely already preparing for this race, and reports brought news that Kyosho apparently were testing their all new touring car thoroughly at the 2008 Worlds track in Thailand recently. That major changes have been made to the car is for sure, our pictures of the latest edition prove this. The car is a lot different and it has certainly improved in speed and handling.

On the latest edition of the Kyosho TF-5 some major changes have been made compared to the previous version. The car still features the all red anodized parts and initial layout, but most noticable change is that the rear gearbox and motor mount has been moved even further towards the rear end.

The front of the car has also been altered, A-arms have a different mounting position. The chassis has been narrowed further, and it seems as if the batteries have been moved 3-4 mm as well.

Some of the parts spotted on our pictures reveal prototype parts, hence the lack of red, of course a final version will come with aluminum parts anodized red.

If this version of the Kyosho TF-5 Shin Edition is what we’ll see in action at the end of this year at the world’s is probably not likely, our guess is that a totally new car will be revealed no later than this summer, and that’ll be the one we’ll see in action by the team in Thailand.





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