Mugen Seiki – Pro Spec Hex Wrench Set and Box Wrench


Pro Spec Hex Wrench Set

  • 1.5mm Hex. Wrench (B0523)
  • 2.0mm Hex. Wrench (B0524)
  • 2.5mm Hex. Wrench (B0525)
  • 3.0mm Hex. Wrench (B0526)
  • 2.0mm Ball-Hex. Wrench (B0527)
  • 2.5mm Ball-Hex. Wrench (B0528)


B0535 Box Wrench 5.5 mm
B0536 Box Wrench 7.0 mm
B0537 Box Wrench 5.0 mm

  • B0535 : Use it for 5.5mm Nut (SN3) : Ex. Detaching of damper for MBX-5/R/T.
  • B0536 : Use it for 7.0mm Nut (SN4) : Ex. Detaching of wheel of touring car for MTX-4/R.
  • B0537 : Use it for 5.0mm Nut (SN2.6) : Ex. Fixing of damper shaft and piston for Mugen Oil Damper.

Source : Mugen Seiki

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