Proline – ROCKSTAR for Scorpion & Wheely King


Want more clearance on those nearly impossible to get through, over, and around obstacles? The ROCKSTAR body is made with those nearly impossible obstacles in mind. It’s the only body made specifically to conform to the minimum dimension rules set forth by USRCCA for the 2.2” Crawler class.

12.5” long and 5” wide it lowers overall center of gravity because of its small size. It’s less likely to catch rocks from the side because of its 5” width. It’s more likely to clear overhead obstacles because it’s only 3.4” tall.

The ROCKSTAR comes in one small package with huge advantages over the competition.


  • · 12.5” long x 5” wide x 3.4” tall
  • · Super lightweight .030 shatter proof lexan
  • · Lower your overall center of gravity
  • · Detailed decal included




Available Video at Proline Racing

Source : Proline Racing

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