Tamiya Japan – Report DHI Cup 2008


Victor Wlick wins with TRF416!

Translate from Japanese :

International RC event “DHI cup” that displayed the first head of the new year of Europe gathered the champion in each country in the town and Odense in Danish central part this year, and it was held by the schedule on ?13 day (Sunday) on Friday, January 11.

Setting up specially the indoor circuit of becoming the hall on the carpet road in the convention center of the city. Player Victor Wilk of the TRF team that drives “TRF416” (Sweden) finishes five heat of the preliminary contest of the modification class that became a confused fight, the final is worn to a good ..the second A which it is the main place.. position, and TRF ace driver’s player mark Rainart (Germany) and Geresgross comp player of the new joining (Netherlands) dig into to main A by TRF416.

The final round on Sunday also maintains the inside and player Victor of the close game good. Three heat second grade of junior high-school title splendidly accomplished the victory once (Moreover, the 6th place winning a prize and player Geres also fought bravely by the mark player and are the 8th place winning a prize and fought bravely) by the result that 1st place meant twice. I was going to prove high performance of TRF416 becoming a crown following “Touring car all-Japan championship” victory done last November, and again.

– The first Big race of “DHI cup” in 2008 when top drivers in every country in the world such as Japan and the United States gather around Europe. 124 players entered it in “Modification class” in which the veteran in the world crowded. Moreover, it became an important race in the meaning that foretold “Touring car world championship” done in Thailand in November.






Source : Tamiya

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