Team Magic – G4JS Gas Touring Car


Introducing the latest on-road gas touring car chassis from Team Magic… the G4JS. Manufactured from high quality materials but with a budget in mind, this new chassis is the first to offer championship winning componentry at such a low price.


– Great Value
– Based On The European Champions Car Design
– Three Belt Transmission System
– Front & Rear Quick Release Bulkhead Design
– Front & Rear Gear Differential
– High Grade Alum. Chassis & Radio Plate
– Narrow Chassis & Low CG Design
– Quality Threaded Shocks
– Lightweight ED Transmission System
– Flying Wing Suspension Arm
– Dual Laydown Servo Design
– Quick Release Fuel Tank
– Universal Joint Included
– High Efficiency Brake System
– Two Speed Transmission System
– Push Type Clutch System
– Fully Upgradable

Lightweight 3mm 6061-t6 Alum. Chassis
The high quality 6061-t6 alloy chassis is machine from a 3mm thick sheet to improve its strength and rigidity. The overall chassis length has decreased by several millimeters but the wheelbase remains unchanged. This is due to the rear of chassis getting shortened to allow for a re-designed rear end. This newly design shorter chassis will not only drop its overall weight, but make the handling much better. 


All New Short Rear End Design
Development of the G4 series of cars continues and the G4JS features the latest improvement with a revised rear chassis section. The rear bumper has changed considerably with a reduction in depth and shape. It continues to protect the rear transmission and suspension arms area but moves forward slightly. This means a small reduction in overall weight and just like the exclusive G4+, the new rear bumper features two locations for the rear suspension arms, increasing turning options for individual track conditions. 


Lightweight X Plate
A strong but light X-plate found at the front of the car is another flow on from development. The unique G4 style fuel tank separates itself from the front bulk head and gives the driver easier access to the differential and steering system of the G4JS. You no longer need to remove the fuel tank to access these areas of the car. The high quality plastic is manufactured to be strong while offering a small amount of flex during a large impact. This means it remains strong while continuing to play an integral part of the G4JS’s cage chassis setup. 


Front & Rear Quick Change Bulkhead
Maintenance is every racers worst nightmare. No one likes to do it. Having to continuously strip cars down to clean and replace worn parts can be a very arduous job. Not on the G4JS though, it’s designed with quick and easy maintenance in mind. It’s simply a pleasure to work on thanks to Team Magic’s ingenious quick release front and rear bulk head system. Access to the differentials is incredibly easy and gives the racer comfort in knowing that tuning and maintaining his G4JS gives himself or herself an advantage over the competition. 


G4JS Spec:
– 1/10 200mm Nitro Sedan (90% Pre-Assembled Kit Set)
– Length: 373mm
– Width: 200mm
– Wheelbase: 257~261mm (Adjustable)
– Weight: 1725g


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Source : Team Magic 

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