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SPEED-T 1/10 Scale Brushless Electric Truck

Bring the heat up and down your street with Losi’s fastest electric RTR ever, the Speed-T. Based on a proven, durable chassis design and ultimately an agile suspension setup, the Speed-T has the foundation to handle serious acceleration unlike any other RC truck. Losi’s revolutionary brushless power system, featuring an Xcelorin programmable electronic speed control and potent brushless motor, propels the Speed-T to top speeds in excess of 65mph. Road Weapon low profile tires mounted on Losi SpokeZ 320 Series Chrome wheels and a lowered chassis hug the ground for high-speed handling, and an installed wheelie bar keeps the wheels down to put the power to the ground. The included Losi MTX Pro Radio System with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM® Technology offers complete control without interference. The custom painted, low-profile aerodynamic body is designed with speed and downforce in mind for less aerodynamic drag and more traction.

More on the Brushless Power System:
The Speed-T features Losi’s revolutionary brushless power system, allowing it to achieve speeds in excess of 65mph. The fully programmable, high-output electronic speed control can handle traditional Ni-Cd, NiMH or LiPo battery packs, and offers precise throttle and braking control. The brushless motor requires virtually no maintenance, while offering unmatched efficiency and speed. Additionally, the ESC offers tons of programming options, including adjustable throttle limits, selectable beginner and expert user profiles, and much more using the Quick Programming Card.



01. Losi Xcelorin Brushless Power System
The Speed-T comes equipped with a High-Speed 4800KV motor and a programmable ESC that includes a Quick Programming Card with selectable ESC settings preprogrammed for your convenience.

02. Digital Steering Servo
The included digital steering servo provides precise control and plenty of torque for the proper amount of steering when you need it at high speeds.

03. Wheelie Bar
The installed wheelie bar allows wheel-standing action and control.

04. Low Chassis Set-Up
The optimized chassis and suspension are designed for superior high-speed handling.

05. High Performance Chrome Wheels
The Speed-T features large diameter SpokeZ chrome wheels.

06. Low Profile Street Tires
The included Road Weapon low-profile tires provide superior handling at any speed with enough traction to wheelie on demand, thanks to the Xcelorin brushless system.

07. EC3 Power Connector
The low-resistant EC3 power connectors deliver the power required of hi-demand brushless systems giving the Speed-T to reach very fast speeds.

08. Multiple Power Options
The battery tray is designed for today’s power sources and will accept NiMH and LiPo battery packs.





  • Capable of speeds of 65+ mph!
  • Xcelorin Brushless Power System w/ 4800Kv motor
  • Losi MTX Pro Radio System with Spektrumâ„¢ 2.4GHz DSM® Technology
  • Losi EC3 low resistance power connectors
  • Digital steering servo for precise control
  • Lowered chassis and suspension design for high-speed handling
  • Precision turnbuckles featuring heavy duty captured rod ends
  • Blue anodized aluminum and nickel plated components for added strength and durability
  • Low-profile body for improved aerodynamics
  • Losi Road Weapon 3.2 Series low-profile tires on large chrome Losi SpokeZ wheels
  • Installed wheelie bar
  • Accepts NiMH and LiPo battery packs

Product Specifications

  • Type:High-Performance Electric Truck
  • Scale:1/10
  • Length:20.1 in (513.1mm)
  • Width:12.75 in (323.9mm)
  • Wheelbase:11.6 in (294.6mm)
  • Weight:58.1 oz (1.6kg)
  • Suspension:4 Wheel Independent
  • Tire Type:320 Series, low-profile Road Weapons
  • Motor or Engine:Xcelorin 4800Kv Brushless
  • Speed Control:Xcelorin Sensorless Brushless
  • Radio:Losi MTX Pro Radio System with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology
  • Speed:65+ MPH
  • Kit/RTR:RTR
  • Ball Bearings:Complete
  • Minimum Age Recommendation:14 years
  • Recommended Environment:Outdoor









Long arm suspension

The Speed-T’s lowered chassis design and long-arm suspension keep the center of gravity low, allowing the Speed-T to achieve incredible speeds without sacrificing handling. Oil-filled shocks smooth out the bumps, keeping the tires on the ground for maximum acceleration.


Road Weapon low-profile tires on oversized SpokeZ chrome wheels

Large diameter chrome wheels come equipped with low-profile Road Weapon 320-Series tires for superior handling at any speed. The low profile tires provide serious road gripping traction, while the large diameter wheels reduce tire sidewall flex for optimum performance.


Anodized and plated parts

To complete the custom appearance, the Speed-T comes equipped with a long list of anodized and plated parts that add to the durability and appearance of this speed machine.


Wheelie bar

Keeping the tires planted to the ground can be difficult when you have serious brushless power. That’s why the Speed-T comes equipped with an installed wheelie bar, letting you punch the throttle and launch with less risk of flipping over.


Battery compatibility

The Speed-T chassis and electronics are set up to accommodate standard side-by-side NiMH battery packs as well as the latest LiPo packs (Losi EC3 plug required). This gives you the flexibility to choose the power source you want, or switch between multiple packs for a long day of high-speed running.


DSM radio system

To control this awesome ready-to-run package, Losi equipped the Speed-T with a Losi MTX Pro radio system with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM® Technology for interference free, crystal-free control. The MXT Pro system includes End Point Adjustment to help fine-tune the control and response. This innovative radio system allows you to run your Speed-T anywhere, anytime, with the confidence you need to go fast.


The fully-programmable Xcelorin speed control offers numerous programming options for performance, along with precise throttle and braking response.


A low maintenance Xcelorin brushless motor gives the Speed-T longer run times than standard motors, along with incredible top speed potential.


The quick programming card lets users choose between beginner and expert settings, and customize the throttle limits for complete control.


Source : Team Losi

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