Team Orion – Report on DHI Cup 2008


The 2008 DHI Cup was held in Odense, Germany during January 10-13 at a brand new venue. The track was built using brand new carpet, in a conference center that was connected to the hotel where the racers were staying.

The DHI Cup is the first big touring car race of the year. World class racers and champions like Moore, Adachi, Hara, and Rheinard plus many others from around the globe made the trip to compete.

Team Orion showed their support by helping sponsor the race as well as providing the handout motors for the spec class with their Element 2007 19 turn motor

Qualifying was very close. With the drivers 3 best rounds out of 5 counting, it did not leave much room for mistakes. Team Orion was looking good going into the A Finals by having 4 drivers in the top 5.

Team Orion Factory Driver Teemu Leino with his X-ray went on to TQ the highly competitive Modified Touring class with a great run in the last round of qualifying. Team Orion also had Viktor Wilck with Tamiya starting 2nd , the Steen Graversen 3rd with Kyosho, and current World Champion Andy Moore from England with his HB starting 5th.

The 2 of the 3 A mains where won by Viktor, which secured his win. Teemu won one main, and secured with this 2nd place, and took fastest lap time honors. Steen completed the 1-2-3 podium finish for Team Orion.

4 different cars, 4 drivers with 4 different nationalities, one power source: Team Orion 4200SHO batteries with Team Orion Vortex brushless power!

Winning Equipment Used By Viktor Wilck:
ORI28101 Team Orion Vortex 3.5 Brushless Motor
ORI41445 Team Orion 150mm Sensor Wire
ORI11568 Team Orion 4200SHO 5-Cell Team Packs
ORI40116 Team Orion Copper Battery Bones
ORI30117 Team Orion Advantage Charger
Charge Rate: 5 A with 3mV/45c per cell peak/temp detect

Source : Team Orion

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