XRAY – Report DHI Cup 2008


Modified Report by Martin Hudy

The DHI Cup is the first big event this year for 1/10 electric touring car on carpet with rubber tires.. This race together with the LRP Masters is the biggest carpet race in Europe, and is attended by all of Europe’s best drivers including many top overseas racers. This year the race was held for the first time at the Odense Congress Center. The new location was much better since the hall was big enough to include a pit area and moreover there were lots of seats for spectators. The main advantage of this place was that the race could start on Friday morning with 4 rounds of practice which gave enough track time and practice before the race started

Team XRAY was not only participating in this event but was also a sponsor of the race. The team was represented by Teemu Leino, Alexander Hagberg, Steven Weiss, Dirk Wischnewski, Martin Lissau, Helge Johansen, and of course Juraj and Martin Hudy. It was pleasure for us to see that XRAY cars were the most popular car in both 19-Turn and Modified categories, making the new XRAY T2’008 the most frequently used touring car.

Full Report and Detail at XRAY

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