International Indoor Hall Race 1/8 Offroad in Quakenbrück


Model sport at the highest level was on the weekend, 11.-13. January 2008 at the newly carpeted with grass stretch of the RCRT shown. The driver was box with plenty of top riders filled, which for two exciting fights ensured.

Names like Mikael Palson, Dario vitamins, Christian Warda, Philipp Guschl, Andreas Bartels, Mark Feldmann, and the electrical 1:10 offroad rider Joern Neumann, and Benny Gröschl Hupo Hönigl Some were also expected. Fastest driver of the weekend was Joern Neumann. He was at that time the water is not enough. A candle lose in the semi-finals, however, prevented him ascend to the finals.

Just barely missed the finals Benny Gröschl. He also had in his semi-final engine problems.

Tension in the final!

The finale had it in them. With Dario vitamins, Christian Warda and Mikael Palson for Mugen Seiki at the start followed by a nice 30 minute finale. Vita and Dario Christoffer Svensson could differ from the rest of the field driver and delivered to deduct nerve-wracking two fights.

By abgerutschten pressure hose had Dario vitamins good 5 minutes before the final here, because the engine overheated. Svensson was still Feldmann and Hönigl obtained. At the end secured csantos the first place.

The final 1 / 8 offroad buggy
1 Mark Feldmann Rnd 72.
2 Hubert Hönigl Rnd 72.
3 Christoffer Svensson  Rnd 72.
4 Mikael Palsson Rnd 72. / Mugen Seiki MBX-5R
5 Thomas Mann Pass Rnd 70.
6 Christian Warda Rnd 69. / Mugen Seiki MBX-5R
7 Timo Engelstätter Rnd 67.
8 Andreas Bartels Rnd 65.
9 Dario vitamins Rnd 43. / Mugen Seiki MBX-5R
10 PhillipGuschl Rnd 23.

The final 1 / 8 Offroad truggy
1 Christoffer Svensson Rnd 71.
2 Stefan Petrich Rnd 70.
3 Sönke Matz Rnd 69.
4 Marc Kreisig Rnd 68.
5 Deceased Matz Rnd 67.
6 Timo Blößer Rnd 64.
7 Frank Derksen Rnd 52. / Mugen Seiki MBX-5T
8 Ralf Mewes Rnd 36. / Mugen Seiki MBX-5T
9 David Ronnefalk Rnd 28.
10 Christian Warda 1 Rnd. / Mugen Seiki MBX-5T

All in all it was a successful indoor race in the future, which certainly attract more international riders. The chubby Schrauberhalle was for the warm and physical well-being was provided for. We also look forward to a time when next-RCRT Quakenbrück.

Source : mid-Mugen

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