K Factory – LX Touring Shock Spring Set


K Factory – LX Touring Shock Spring Set 13×23.5mm (#21~#30)

Selecting the correct suspension settings for certain track conditions can be as important or as critical as your tire selection. The combination of spring for rebound and viscosity of oil for dampening are responsible for keeping your tires in contact with the road as often as possible. So even if you have the best tire for the job, it’s ability to grip the road relies on your ability to provide the ideal spring tension.

K-Factory has developed a new set of high quality on-road touring shock spring’s for any track conditions you may experience. They are made from high quality steel and designed to fit almost every touring car chassis on the market, they are the ideal addition to any racers pit box. In addition, each pair of spring is marked with number for easy and quick identification.

You’re probably happy with your spring selection already but don’t be fooled into thinking a spring is just a spring. It’s amazing how such a small item can become a complex device for suspension tuning with many variables needing to be considered during the design and manufacturing stage. The thickness of the wire, the number of winds, the gap between each wind and the overall length of the spring will all alter a springs characteristics. It not only comes down to hardness or softness of the spring but also its progressiveness. And on top of that, the materials need to be of the highest quality otherwise the springs characteristics could alter over time or as a result of constant / heavy load. Have your checked yours lately?

The new springs from K-Factory are of the high quality available and as with every K-Factory part; they need to meet tough quality standards before they leave the factory. Items are tested and the re-tested to make sure they provide the race with performance and durability.

There are a total of 30 springs available in either pairs (K4901-21~K4901-50) or as a set (K4902~K4904). Each set containing 10 pairs of springs includes a storage container for your convenience as well as a sticker which provides you with a quick reference chart to hardness or softness of each spring. This not only makes it easy for quick identification but also means you can see which spring might be slight harder or softer then the current spring you’re running.


Also Available :

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K4904 LX Touring Shock Spring Set 13×23.5mm (#41~#50)

Source : K Factory

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