Keith Robertson wins BRCA 1/12th On-Raod Series


CML Distribution team driver Keith Robertson wins the BRCA 1/12th On-Road Series after another stylish victory with his RC12L4.

Round 5 of the 12th Circuit championship took the racers down south to Plymouth. The track was open and flowing with accuracy and corner speed extremely important, and competition proving as close as ever.

In the 19t class times got quicker and quicker as qualifying progressed. At the end of the four rounds it was Matt White on pole with CML / Microtech Racing driver Keith Robertson joining him on the front row with his L4, just ahead of Russell Williams – and discounting mishaps it looked like the winner would come from these three.

The final was a stunning race as the top three broke clear from the rest, then, after a few laps Matt made an error and dropped out of contention. For the remaining 7 minutes Russell was never more than 3 metres from Keith’s rear bumper, the L4 was super-consistent and Keith held his line – finishing a tenth of a second ahead to take his third win of the season (and the only person to win more than one in the 19t class).

This was enough to clinch the BRCA 19t Championship and prove that the L4 is still the benchmark car in 12th circuit.


On Sunday, Keith had another good day which saw a return to form in the open/modified class. After being a little cautious in qualifying it left him with some work to do, but some canny driving at the start left him in second place and chasing the leader. Pole man Chris Kerswell kept his nerve and held on to take the win with Keith in a close second.

Keith’s Associated L4 had Novak and SMC electrics fitted and was standard apart from IRS lowered front arms and an IRS lowered rear pod. He was using Jaco Prism tyres all round, with ‘double pink’ on the front and ‘white’ on the rear in 19t, changing to ‘yellow’ on the rear for modified.

Source : CML Distribution

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