Motonica – P8.0 2008


Together with the release of its new model Motonica, the company Turin launched an idea that, we have to say is not new, but until now it is pursuing “under-” agreements with semi beautifully and bypassing retailers with everything that it follows.

The Motonica with style and professionalism that distinguishes it, decided to leave out and do so with both official and list of outlets where you can make contact.

In short, those who reach the podium with the Italian Championship Motonica P8.0 2008 will be fully sponsored for 2009 directly from the manufacturer.

Sembrerà not so important, but we believe is a sign of where the market and the model had great need.

No less important is the connection with the presentation of the new model, after a successful year, the market presents Motonica updating the model aims P8.0R 2008.
Tests carried out by the pilots as well as the results achieved during the race, led the P8.0R 2008 level of competitiveness at the top.

The most important speeches, translated into improvements in the quality, performance and reliability are the new chassis in the middle redesigned for better handling and to accommodate different types of batteries for the receiver who can be a AAA or type 2 / 3 Af .

The new tank designed to give any model engine can make maximum on each track and at the same time have the maximum accessibility under the tank.

  • New plate radio as well as accommodate the new tank also has a predisposition for the transponder.
  • New braces front and support a new shock that now allows a coupling safer for shock.
  • New support rear bodywork guided carbon to offer better rigidity of the bridge.
  • New materials within the group and new friction bearings snap free high quality and finally a new, beautiful manual assembly that we would not have been able to think better.

We believe that many pilots of F2 to F1 are, we will do pensierino.

The 6 pilots know that you do not call or Lamberto Collars Daniele Ielasi, next year will be






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