Tamiya Japan – RAYBRIG NSX 2007 TA05-IFS



Available Feb 2, 2008

Aerodynamics that the actually feeling pursuit body is excellent is invented
Activity as Dominic Shuwagar and Hosokawa Tstsshi both players drive, and it makes inroads into 2nd place in the 2nd, 4, and eight wars in super-GT in 2007. It is an electric radio control car assembly kit of lei Brick NSX where the excellent job in 3rd place was brought in the point ranking during the year of the driver. A low nose of a real similar car that falls a central part of the bonnet by one step is reproduced, and the body made of the polycarbonate is reproduced by a high scale feeling such as making forming and the duct that is called a shark louver located on the back of the headlight, low side lines, and Riyafendar that project greatly. In addition, a door mirror and large-scale Riyauing of unique shape tighten the form. Even the RC car of the style of actually feeling is demonstrating excellent aerodynamics certain.

It runs, vividness, the TA05-IFS chassis of inboard suspension adoption

Update bar Shaun who furthermore polishes the running of isometric 2 belt drives 4WD of high efficiency and TA05, the TA05-IFS chassis was adopted. As for largest feature inboard front suspension (IFS). It actualizes center of gravity conversion low by the fact that you hold down around the front low, going hand in hand with the lightweight reversible suspension arm which is equipped on front and back, it reacts to also the modification of delicate setting vividly. Of course, height of drive efficiency of the high-speed travelling time when the flexion and blurring were held down with the isometric belt is healthy. In the left central approaching loading the battery onto vertical ranging in the motor, and the right it optimized also weight distribution. In addition, equipping the ball diff. in one somatotype motor mount and front and back. In addition, also the maintainability which is superior is feature e.g., the bulkhead is made top and bottom division.



Almost horizontally the damper which horizontal ranging is done adopting the inboard front suspension which is operated with the push rod and the rocker arm.


You use the reversible suspension arm on the front, the hub carrier equipping the light weight type of glass entering nylon make whose strength is high.


As for the rear damper stay installing the private type of strength rise type which corresponds to the reversible suspension.

Basic specifications – Total length 442mm 、 full 191mm 、 total height 116mm – wheel base 257mm – also tread front and back 165mm – motor =RS540 type – drive system = horizontal ranging motor isometric 2 belt drives 4WD – also diff. gear system F/R = ball diff. – steering wheel tie rod =3 division – also suspension F/R = double wishbone – damper also =F/R CVA oil damper super mini- – gear ratio =7.159: 1 – Tire also =F/R width/diameter 24mm/64mm – speed controller =ESC specification

Source : Tamiya Japan

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