HPI – Savage X4.6 with Nitro GT-2 Body and REVERSE


The Savage X 4.6 Reverse – SS power and upgrades with REVERSE!

Introducing the Savage X 4.6 REVERSE! This latest addition to the Savage line-up combines huge power and reversing capability for the ultimate in speed and convenience! This RTR (Ready-To-Run) 1/8 scale monster truck features everything that’s great about the Savage 4.6, like the massive power of the F4.6 engine and several standard option parts! The Savage X 4.6 Reverse is the perfect choice for hardcore big-air ‘bashers’ and monster truck racers! HPI designers and engineers have continued to improve the Savage X, making the best even better! The bar has been raised again, once again showing why it’s the most popular big block monster truck in the world!

Savage X 4.6 Reverse v. Savage X 4.6
The choice is YOURS! The Savage X 4.6 Reverse gives you the HPI Savage Reverse Module and third servo installed, plus a 3-channel TF-4 radio! The normal Savage X 4.6 offers the convenience of the HPI Roto Start System for starting the engine. With the Savage X 4.6 Reverse at about the same price as the standard Savage X 4.6, this gives you the fantastic choice of choosing the convenience of reverse or the ease of the Roto Start 2!

Either version of the Savage X 4.6 can be easily upgraded to add reverse or Roto Start 2 capability, it’s all about choices!

Source : HPI 

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