Team Azarashi – Undertray for Tateego Body


AZ-0017 Undertray for Tateego body
An undertray for “AZ-0015 Tateego body”

Release Early February

Responding to many customers’ demands, now Team AZARASHI releases
the undertray for “AZ-0015 Tateego body.”
It can be used not only as a spare of the undertray,
which tends to get hard damage on rough terrein, but as a body-mounting fence
with some trimming.

・ made from t1.0 lexan sheet.
・ the same undertray included in the “AZ-0015” and “AZ-0015W”.
・ screws, double-sided tapes, or velcro tapes for mounting are not included.
・ will not fit to other bodies than Team AZARASHI Tateego.





Source : Team Azarashi

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