Team Corally – 4200UP Matched Battery


Team Corally have announced a safer and more stable cell for 2008, the Team Corally 4200UP. This cell is specially made for hobbyists who just want to enjoy his hobby and have fun with cruising around without any problems. There have been many complaints about the Intellect cell. This Corally own new cell will be reliable and cheaper.

There have been rumors about a high voltage cell that would meet meet the new 2008 European EFRA rules. According to the new EFRA rule must the cell size stay under all circumstances bellow 43mm. All Intellect and East Power cells don’t meet this new rule. Corally also suppleys now Gropow cells that meet the new EFRA rule and the new improved Intellect IB4600. Here are the article numbers of the new Corally cells.

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