Kyosho TQ & Win at Sanye Cup


2008 January 26th -27 betting on 2 days of day, the Kanai player lower player of KYOSHO achieved TQ&WIN in SANYE CUP which was done at CHINA Happy Dragon Circuit.

Kanai player 金井選手 : It participates in 1/8 buggy classes
The Sirio engine was loaded onto Inferno MP777 WC Team Edition, both the chassis engine height in the efficiency aspect was proven.
And, the fuel, using Super Kanai Fuel 30%, became boost to victory in the fuel economy power aspect.
And, with deciding A main, 5 unit in 10 units, using capital trade Inferno MP777 WC. Height of efficiency was proven.

Lower player 下選手 : It participates in 1/10 GP touring class
Using V-One RRR WC Evo Team Edition. The race/lace which it begins and ends stabilizes is developed and victory is carried out. By this victory, in addition height of the reliable stability of V-One RRR WC Evo Team Edition was proven.




Source : Kyosho

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