T2’008 takes top 4 at BIWS Rd 3


The Don Valley Stadium played host to Round 3 of the BIWS series for 2007/8.

Another new track layout was prepared, approximately 420 ft. in length, on the indoor running track surface. The layout provided a comparatively short main straight, before sweeping down and back up in front of race control. This was followed by a high speed right to left onto a short straight, leading to a hairpin, then a complex chicane in front of the drivers rostrum and a sweeper onto the main straight.

Overall Results

1. Tim Wood
2. Tom Daley (Xray)
3. Sion Wedley
4. Nigel Shaw (Xray)
5. Matthew Tuplin
6. Adam Howe (Xray)
7. Darius Walker (Xray)
8. Jeremy Clarke
9. Andrew Gregory (Xray)
10. Paul Boult

1. Tim Wood
2. Matt Dunning (HB)
3. Chris Clark
4. Luke Thompson (Xray)
5. Liam Brookes
6. Chris Bosomworth (Xray)
7. Darren Wood
8. Martin Aldred (Xray)
9. Luke Humphrey (Xray)
10. Mark Jordon

1. Phil Chambers (Xray/Orion)
2. Elliott Harper (Xray/Nosram)
3. Ali Graham (Xray/Nosram)
4. Jonny Aird (Xray/Nosram)
5. Dan Fallows
6. Stew Noble (HB/Orion)
7. Sam Smith (Xray/Nosram)
8. Jonny Dronfield
9. Guy Thornton (Xray/Orion)
10. James Hart

Source : Mirage Racing

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