Australian Summer National Champion


Race report by Timothy Lee

The Australian Summer Nationals is the first major event in the 2008 racing calendar for 1/10 scale Nitro and Electric touring cars. Spanning over 3 days – Friday practice for Nitro and Electric, Saturday Nitro qualifying and finals and Sunday Electric qualifying and finals. The track, located at Fairy Meadow – Illawarra NSW, has a flowing layout with a mix of high and low speed corners with two heavy breaking corners. The surface traditionally has medium to high grip levels but as an old tennis court has a few rough expansion joints making set up tough but critical. The entry numbers were significantly lower this year due to a bleak weather forecast and possibly partly due to the introduction of limited control tyres for all classes this year with only one set for qualifying and the option of one extra set for A finalists.

Final Positions:

1. Troy Laughlin TOP Scythe
2. Timothy Lee XRAY T2’008
3. Justin Vergunst
4. Michael Clark XRAY T2’008
5. Ryan Maker XRAY T2’008

6. Peter Dooley
7. Scott Guyatt
8. Chris Hamilton
9. Martin Choy
10. Damien Zarb

Source : XRAY

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