K Factory – TC 2 Motor Cooling Head & Fan Set


K Factory – TC 2 Motor Cooling Head & Fan Set (with Thermal Pad)

One of the main aims of electric racing is to keep the temperature of your motor down. Reduced temperatures result in increased power, better performance, and longer motor life. This has become especially important with the use of brushless motors were an overheated motor can cause the speed controller to thermal and cut-out causing your car to stop in that all important A-final. The best way to keep the temperature down is with a heat sink and fan.

K Factory have released the K7102 TC 2 Motor Cooling Head & Fan Set. This is very similar to K Factory’s K7101 TC Motor Cooling Head . But it has four small screw holes in it . The addition of these screw holes allows you to install one or even two fans on top of the heat sink to blow cold air directly down onto your motor.



You need to be careful when buying a heat sink and fan combination as some heat sinks, because they are solid, have no spaces between the fins to allow hot air to escape. This is especially important with brushed motors which have holes in the motor can which effectively blows air out – if there are no holes between the fins then this hot air is trapped in the motor. To further aid conduction of heat away from the motor K Factory supply a thermal pad with the heat sink. The aim of this is to provide a better connection between the heat sink and the motor.

I used the heat sink with a brushed 19t Money motor and with my Novak 19T brushless motor in my Team Magic E4 touring car. With both motors the heat sink and pad were a good fit. Using the heat sink with the brushless motor allowed me to gear a bit higher than you would without a heat sink and not suffer from the Novak speed control ‘thermalling out’ – there is a limit to how high you can gear, adding a heat sink does not mean you can put a totally ridiculous gearing on your car but it does help.

Two Fan Edition



Source : K Factory

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