Team Losi – AD2 ROAR TQ Chassis Kit


The ROAR TQ Upgrade for the Team Losi® Racing XXX-NT AD2 Truck offers all the winning parts that led the Losi Racing Team to multiple Top Qualifying honors at several ROAR Gas Truck Nationals. The kit includes the following parts:

.125” Lengthened Black Anodized Chassis and Chassis Brace: The Losi ROAR TQ Chassis and Brace, made out of high quality aluminum, makes the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2 .125” longer, which helps the vehicle go through the bumps better and provides an extremely stable vehicle on rutted-out off-road tracks. The chassis is anodized black for extra protection while also adding an improved look for the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2.

Wider Axles: The Losi ROAR TQ kit comes complete with front and rear axles along with spacers to make the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2 the .100” wider or the ability to keep the stock width. By adding the increased width to the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2 the truck will increase overall stability and smooth out steering response.

Rear Crossbones: Along with the wider rear axle offset the Losi ROAR TQ Kit comes complete with new crossbones, couplers, and hardware to help freshen up the Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2 for the rigors of outdoor racing

Rear Shock Tower Brace: The ROAR TQ Kit also comes with a rear shock tower brace, made out of 2.75mm woven graphite, and hardware to attach to the rear shock tower to give added durability.

Setup Sheet: Included setup sheet that is filled out with the latest setup used by the Losi Racing Team.

Source : Team Losi

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