Zack Barry Dominates Indoor Off-road Race Of Champions


The 2008 18th Scale Indoor Off-road Race of Champions was held on Sunday, Jan. 27th, at RC Madness in Enfield CT. This was the third year that this warm up race for the 18th Scale Off-road Nationals was held. Attendance at the race was good this year, with approximately 80 entries.

Three rounds of qualifiers were run and then the mains. Zack finished the qualifiers with the TQ in all three classes entered, he also won every qualifier that he ran. Zack went on to finish the mains with a first place win in all 3 classes, winning by 2 full laps in each race.


4wd truck
1. Zack Barry XRAY M18T
2. Tom Loranger XRAY M18T

3. John Cravotta
4. Andy Cordisco
5. Robert Garre

1. Zack Barry XRAY M18T
2. John Cravotta
3. Tom Loranger XRAY M18T
4. Rich Dipaolo
5. Matt Maziarz

1. Zack Barry XRAY M18MT
2. Tony Priolo
3. Chris Swartz
4. Andy Lukomski
5. Mike Latourelle


Source : XRAY

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