1:18 Touring CS-Factory Tires


CS-ELECTRONIC was in the 80s, a term used for foam rubber tyres. Now CS-ELECTRONIC returns again with their own rubber mixtures, and presents a selection of high-quality Racing Tires for the 1:18 Micro-speeder.

After extensive tests to convince the CS-Factory Tires by steady grip, low wear and high cornering speeds.

First stakes race victories and confirm the excellent quality of CS-Factory Tires.

Overview of the different tire compounds:

  • C160101 Front Hard 50 34mm 15mm
    C160102 Front Medium 48 34mm 15mm
    C160103 Front Soft 45 34mm 15mm
  • C160104 Rear Hard 40 34,5mm 17mm
    C160105 Rear Medium 38 34,5mm 17mm
    C160106 Rear Soft 36 34,5mm 17mm

CS-MICRO GOES ELECTRONIC. The boom in new Micro class at 1:18, the tyre choice and the enormous power Brushless often also its pitfalls.
Gladly tend gepowerten the speeder with the existing foam rubber tires from different manufacturers to lower taxes, or about beating.

CS-ELECTRONIC lößt the Promlem with the new CS-1:18 Tyre Factory. Innovative High-Tech ASIA rubber grip ensures smooth, low wear and high-speed cornering. Various tire hardships enable the fine-tuning has not been possible. Offerings, the new CS-Factory Tires the total tires, and rennfertig fully adhered to dimension. Previously offered in diameter tires are too big and unfahrbar. With the CS-Factory Tires Please leave without läßtiges tires grinding. Packed in a practical transparent box, the wheels simply and clearly stacked and transported.

● High Quality ASIA latest Rubber Rubber Technology
● 1:18 on pro rim with 9mm hexagonal Recording
● evenly grip
● very minor abrasion
● high cornering speeds
● rennfertig ground
● diameter of 34.0 mm
● ensure adhered
● 2 Units
● in practical Safe

Race-Tip 1:
To handle on the front axle to reduce may also with our C4450 Tire Glue a thin seam hard on the outer tire edge drawn.

Race-Tip 2:
Arrest means # C6400 CS-high grip 15min before the start on half of the tread radially from the inside to the outside surface.
Before starting with a kitchen towel dry rub!

Source : CS-Electronic

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