Alex Racing Design – STINGER D08


Alex Racing Design – Shaft Drive Touring Car “STINGER D08”

It ..done stinger.. evolves to the prisoner of a lot of Alex fans of the speed further as a pronoun of the shaft drive. Layout with results to which final is managed to enter in all-Japan sportsman class 3 years in a row. A right and left roll rigidity was reviewed by losing the side part of the upper deck of the split style for making to low center of gravity, and changing the design of the chassis.

D08 front one way, the drift specifications which make the rear rigid axle standard equipment. A sharp standing up of the shaft drive is skillful and running for other party’s of making the best use of bosom to slip is skillful.

Drive Efficieny, Throttle Response Highest Shaft Drive




At the Itme of Battery Holder Loading stragiht Pack on-board Possibility




Available in 5 Color : Blue, Black, Purple, pink & red.


Source : Alex Racing Design

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