Teemu Wins 2008 Snowbird 1/12


The 14th Annual Snowbird Nationals were held the first weekend of February in beautiful Kissimmee, Florida. This year the location of the race changed to the Radisson Resort, only 1 mile from Disney World. The hotel was top notch with nice spacious rooms and a large ballroom that would be big enough to hold the track and pitting.


The race consisted of four qualifying rounds using the rocket round format. Then single A-Mains would decide the champion in each class.

Team Orion Factory Drivers Teemu Leino and Andy Moore both made the trip from overseas to attend this event.

This would be Teemu Leino’s first ever 12th scale race of his career. Teemu ran the Hot Bodies Cyclone 12 along with the 2007 IIC 12th scale champion Andy Moore. Teemu and Andy worked great all weekend together making sure their 12th scale rides were on point. Both drivers ran Team Orion 4200SHO Team Packs with a Team Orion 4.5 Vortex Motor under the hood.

In practice Teemu kept getting faster and was looking good going into qualifying. Andy Moore set the fastest overall 8-minute run in the last timed practice.

With 3 qualifiers already in the books, both Teemu and Andy were solid in the main. The 4th and last round of qualifying would be the rocket round. The track was very fast and the overall qualifying order was not yet decidied. After an incredible drive, Teemu posted the fastest time of the weekend giving him TQ honors. Andy Moore was running at the top of the heat also, but had problems with traffic.

At the start of the tone Teemu pulled out over a straight lead on the field in the first couple laps. Andy also had a good start from 8th on the grid getting around a few cars early in the main. Teemu controlled the pace for the entire race and crossed the finish line unchallenged while under full power to take the win! Andy made his way all the way up to the 3rd position by the end of the 8-minute race. This giving Team Orion 1st and 3rd with their only 2 drivers at the race.

Winning Equipment Used By Teemu Leino:
ORI28111 Team Orion Vortex 4.5 1/12 Scale Edition Brushless Motor
ORI41445 Team Orion 150mm Sensor Wire
ORI11546 Team Orion 4200SHO 4-Cell Team Packs
ORI40116 Team Orion Copper Battery Bones

Source : Team Orion

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