HPI – The First Day in Nurnberg


We’re here live on the show stand in Nurnberg, Germany, on-site at the world’s biggest toy fair!

Thousands of distributors and manufacturers from around the world are roaming the acres of floor space dedicated to this massive trade show, and everyone is eager to show off their latest creations and get the scoop on the big news to share with the world!


Our stand is all-new and in addition to the newest HPI RC cars and trucks and die-cast models, we are also showing off all the latest and greatest kits from Hot Bodies, cool option parts from Edit and the new, expanded range of 456MB model planes!






BIG news for Nurnberg!

The annual Nurnberg trade show is happening this week, and we’ll have some major announcements in the next several days!

Keep checking right here to see what sort of all-new product releases that we’ve been working on, we’re sure you’ll be excited to hear them!


Source : HPI

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