2008 Nurnberg Toy Fair – Kyosho dNaNo


Kyosho’s new dNaNo 1/43 mini racers

The dNaNo is an all new car from Kyosho that is unlike anything else in RC.

  •  1/43-scale so it can easily fit in the palm of your hand.
  •  Operated by a 2.4GHz radio system so there are no crystals to fuss with.
  •  Each car has a built-in lap counter and each car has its own unique ID number. After a race, you will be able to review your results for the race and also bring up information on the entire life of your car.
  •  Powered by a LiPo battery pack, which Kyosho told me is very safe and will not burn.
  •  Optional light set will be available.
  •  Ports on the chassis allow you to plug in an optional traction control unit to make the car easier to control when cornering at speed.
  •  The car can be plugged into a computer so driving profiles can be customized.
  •  Each car comes completely assembled and includes a chassis for display purposes that has the true to scale wheels and tires mounted on it.
  •  A starter set will include the 2.4GHz transmitter, LiPo battery pack and charger. (These items are not included with the car)
  •  Transmitter only requires 4AAA batteries.
  •  8 different bodies will be available, with new ones coming out each month there after.
  •  The bodies look absolutely amazing with exacting detail…to the point where I can see diecast fans buying the car just for display.


Here is the chassis. This car is so small that it uses the same type of screws that are used in wristwatches.


The underside of the chassis and the blue rectangle is the lap counter.


Here is the tiny LiPo battery pack that is easy to take in and out of the car and it is impossible to install it incorrectly.






Source : RC Car Action

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