2008 Nurnberg Toy Fair – Tamiya


GP RTR Mighty Ballista – TNS-B15

With the off-road R/C scene more popular than ever, Tamiya announces the release of a new Factory-finished glow engine 4WD buggy. This new nitro buggy features the TNS-B15 chassis,which has a more powerful .15 size (2.5cc) glow engine for even faster performance.

  • All-new .15 size (2.5cc) FS-15FD glow engine features recoil starter for effortless engine starting.
  • Shaft-driven 4WD chassis with double deck frame composed of 2.5mm aluminum lower and resin upper decks.
  • Tough 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension features 4 oil dampers and long span suspension arms for excellent control and handling.
  • Large diameter brake disc provides consistent stopping power.
  • Front and rear sealed gearboxes and metal spur gear ensure reliable off-road performance.
  • Lightweight polycarbonate body and large rear wing come pre-painted with striking colors and all markings are pre-applied.
  • 2-Channel R/C system included.
  • Separately available Option Parts can be added to enhance the buggy�s performance even more.


3 Axle Reefer Semi Trailer – RC Tractor Truck

Owners of Tamiya’s 1/14 R/C trucks have been calling for a 3-axled trailer to better recreate the load outs of trucks in their respective countries. We are now proud to present this brand new 3-axle Reefer (Refrigerated) Semi-Trailer to further distinguish our unique lineup of R/C truck products.

About the Model

  • Sharply-detailed 1/14 scale Reefer Semi-Trailer.
  • Trailer panels made from anodized aluminum for high durability, with doors that can be opened.
  • Chassis frame made from tough black-colored anodized aluminum and resin cross members.
  • All-new 3-axle suspension with 6 wheels, as often seen on roads in Europe and other parts of the world.- Wheels are a newly-developed metal-plated type.
  • Includes new parts to depict refrigeration unit area, underbody storage areas, and rear bumper.
  • Can be hitched up to any of Tamiya’s 1/14 R/C Tractor Trucks.
  • Compatible with Option Parts such as Semi-Trailer Light Set (ITEM 56502), Tractor Truck Oil Shocks (ITEM 56503), and Motorized Support Legs (ITEM 56505).


Nissan Fairlady Z Ver Nismo – TT01E

Already released as a 1/24 scale static model, the sleek Fairlady Z Version NISMO will soon be released as an R/C model on the latest �Enhanced� version of Tamiya�s widely popular TT-01chassis, the TT-01 type E.

About the Model

  • Newly evolved TT-01 type E chassis features brand new A Parts and D Parts.
  • Damper Stay and Gear Case parts are made from fiberglass-reinforced resin for greater strength. These parts are now also separately molded to enable easier maintenance (regular TT-01 had damper stay and gear case molded as one piece).
  • New front and rear uprights are also made from durable fiberglass-reinforced resin.
  • Improved steering linkage design features TA05 steering posts for sharper steering response.
  • Completely new upper deck enhances chassis rigidity and mimics Tamiya�s high-level race- spec machines.
  • Upper deck also features a convenient transponder mount to further encourage fans to go to their local track and experience R/C racing.
  • 4WD shaft-driven bathtub chassis with coil spring damped, 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension and sealed front and rear gearboxes.
  • Nissan Fairlady Z Version NISMO body is accurately reproduced with lightweight polycarbonate.
  • Includes ESC (TEU-101BK), Type 540 motor, and LEDs for headlights and tail lights.
  • 2-channel transmitter, 7.2V running battery & charger separately required.
  • Wide variety of Option Parts are separately available to customize your machine.


Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 07 – TT01E


Body Set Baldre


TT-Gear Lamborghini – GT01 Countach LP500S

Tamiya’s latest TamTech-Gear assembly kit using the GT-01 on-road chassis is this stunning Lamborghini Countach LP500S. The futuristic, wedge-shaped body of this world-famous supercar has been faithfully reproduced with amazing detail. Add this model to the previously released Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 (Vaillant & Jagermeister versions) and Ferrari GTO to your TamTech-Gear collection!

About the Model

  • Compact-sized 1/12 scale R/C assembly kit of the Lamborghini Countach LP500S.
  • The GT-01 is a lightweight chassis with low center of gravity, efficient type 370 motor, and rear wheel drive for optimum racing performance.
  • Four wheel independent double wishbone suspension features special horizontally-mounted front dampers.
  • Transmission features ball differential, slipper clutch, and universal shaft with full ball bearings for optimum efficiency.
  • Wedge-shaped body of the Countach is accurately reproduced with lightweight polycarbonate material.
  • Body attaches to chassis using reverse body mounts, and is further secured via innovative side mount system.
  • Includes driver figure and separately-molded parts for side mirrors.
  • ESC, receiver, servo, transmitter, battery and charger are sold separately.
  • Full range of option parts and spare parts available for customization


Mitsubishi Pajero – Metaltop Wide

Tamiya brings back another timeless classic with the re-release of the Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide R/C model.

About the Mitsubishi Pajero

First introduced in 1982, Mitsubishi’s Pajero line of Sport Utility Vehicles has enjoyed much commercial and racing success. It was available in both short wheelbase 3-door and long wheelbase 5-door versions. Special race versions of the Pajero have been taking part in rally races around the world since 1983, and it is the single most successful vehicle in the history of the Paris Dakar Rally, a fact which confirms the Pajero’s superb off-road capabilities.

About the Model

  • Limited edition re-release of the 1/10 R/C Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide assembly kit.
  • 4WD XC chassis features realistic suspension system.
  • Front and rear gear differentials ensure dependable power transmission.
  • Suspension equipped with oil dampers to effectively absorb shocks from off-road driving.
  • Modern TEU-101BK ESC replaces the old 3-step ESC, and Type 540 motor is also included.
  • Exquisitely-detailed body shell is made from durable ABS resin and Tamiya TS Spray Paints can be used to create custom paint schemes.
  • Headlight mounts enable installation of high brightness LEDs. LEDs can also be installed for the auxiliary fog lights on the front bumper.
  • A perfect item for enthusiasts seeking true-to-life scale realism in their R/C cars.

Toyota Land Cruiser 40 – CR01


TT01 Type E Aluminum Propeller – Shaft & Joint


CR01 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 – Setting Spring Set


CR01 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 – Stabilizer Set

Source : Tamiya

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