2008 Nurnberg Toy Fair – Team Orion


1500 LiPo Receiver Pack with hard case. A flat 2400mAh pack is also available.


5100mAh Rocket Pack stick pack. This is a true 5100mAh battery pack. The cells are a little longer so that obviously makes the entire pack slightly larger than a typical 6-cell pack, but its width is exactly the same.



SHO Super High output Cell in 4600 & 5300 mAh


Graphite Edition 3200 3cell 11.1 volt. This three cell pack will instantly add 50% more power to your machine while maintaining easy fitment into most vehicles without the need for chassis adjustment. The target for this LiPo back are the Traxxas VXL high power brushless vehicles like the Rustler, Stampede and Bandit and it even includes Traxxas plugs.


CRF 12, 21 on-road, 21 off-road and 28 truggy engines. Team Orion brought their popular CRF technology to this new group of high power engines. Silver head engines are for on-road and the red heads are for off-road vehicles.


Advantage Clubman Pro

The Clubman LiPo is designed for the hobbyist or racer that’s new to LiPo batteries, or the user who desires an affordable additionto his LiPo charger lineup. The clubman LiPo takes the knowledge of the world’s leader in RC car LiPo technology and provides an awesome solution for charging your quality LiPo cells run after run.




Advantage Race Spec

The perfect compliment to Orion’s best selling Race Spec line of LiPo batteries, the Race Spec charger combines ease of use with the technology to provide the best LiPo charging experience in the hobby. The Race Spec charger features an integrated balancing lead specially designed for Team Orion and other packs that use Orion-type balancing ports – a separate balancing unit is no longer required. It can also charge NiMH cells.


Advantage Clubman NiMH/NiCd charger

For the Hobbyist that doesn’t need the highest technology or to pay the highest price the Clubman Line is designed to bring the fun without killing the budget. Excellent charging specs provide outstanding charge regimes for your stick, micro, and receiver packs charge after charge.


Source : RC Car Action


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