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The 2008 Nürnberg Toy Fair begins in German today and our HoBao stand is causing quite a buzz. After an extremely successful 2007 eveyone wants to see what HoBao has planned for 2008. Introducing the HoBao Hyper Mini Truggy ST.

Our latest release, the Hyper Mini Truggy, is ready to set the new benchmark in nitro off-road. Enjoy all the thrills and excitement that a truggy chassis brings, packed in to an affordable, manageable size that really does move.

The HoBao Mini ST is currently in the advanced production stage with the following features planned for release:

  • Factory Pre Assembled
  • Futaba Branded 2 Channel Radio
  • Polished In-Line Connected Pipe Set
  • Front and Rear Anti Roll Bars
  • Hard Anodised Chassis
  • Threaded Aluminium Shocks
  • Factory Pre Assembled
  • Rear CVA Driveshafts
  • 2.2 Wheels & Tires
  • Fully Adjustable Suspension
  • HoBao Hyper 12 Pull Start Engine
  • Pre-painted Bodyshell
  • Moulded Racing Wing

Source : HoBao


The electronics, radio box, fuel tank and engine are centralized on the chassis. Although you can really notice it on this picture, the engine is leaned inward around 20 degrees. This does two things; it places a good percentage of the engine’s weight closer to the chassis centerline, and it allows the tuned pipe to be positioned further in on the chassis. They did not have a painted body, but I did look at a clear one. The nice thing about the Hyper ST Mini is that the tuned pipe will be hidden by the body. In other words it won’t be exposed like on the CRT .5.


A hard-anodized, extended wheelbase chassis will be standard on both the RTR and Pro model. The RTR will include a Hyper .12 pull-start engine, but as you can see, there’s a generous opening underneath the flywheel to allow you to crank the engine over with a starter box. The chassis has radiused edges to increase rigidity and the front portion is kicked up approximately 10 degrees.


You can see how the engine is leaned toward the inside of the chassis. A polished inline tuned pipe with spring coupler will be standard. Check out the oval shaped, dual-element air filter – sweet! A 75cc fuel tank will provide long run times. The fuel tank has a built-in grab handle to make filling the tank up with the body installed easier.


The Mini ST will include standard size servos. The radio box is compact, but it will have enough room for the receiver and a 4-cell AAA battery holder. Note the air filter mount, and built-in fuel filter mount on the fuel tank. These are nice touches. The truck features a triple diff 4WD system with dual disk brakes. You’ll be able to adjust the front and rear brake bias just like on larger truggies.



The Mini ST features a pivot ball front suspension. Aluminum-body threaded shocks, sway bars, steel turnbuckles and front and rear steel CV-type drive shafts will be standard on both the RTR and Pro models.




The aluminum front shock tower has multiple shock mounting options, and a stout body mount system. Note the front bumper; looks like it will effectively protect the chassis and suspension during a roll-over or a crash. Those are standard 2.2 inch wheels and tires by the way.




An aluminum shock tower, steel turnbuckles, CV-type driveshafts and sway bar are included for the rear end as well. The nylon wing gives the Mini ST its classic truggy styling. Check out the rear bumper – nice. If you look closely, you can see that the hinge pins are supported with aluminum braces. 


Source : RC Car Action

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  2. terry womack says:

    where the heck can a person find parts.

  3. terry womack says:

    where the heck can a person find parts.

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